Hello, Hola, Bonjour,

Welcome to Agence Triton where I plan to take you on a journey of discovery where I hope to open up a new chapter of property opportunities on the European continent.

With so much available to cover all tastes and budgets, together we can seek out all those treasures waiting for us in the beautiful part of the world.

I’ve been interested in property since I was little and the idea of a perfect home has always warmed me.


I’m one of those types of people who likes the idea of small communities in picturesque towns and villages in some of Europe’s most beautiful regions, especially in southern parts where the weather shines on it’s inhabitants more than in the northern hemisphere.

I hope to rise to the challenge of sharing interesting insights and data to beck it up so that you get a well rounded picture of the property market with all its good and bad.

We all have our preferences of where and how to live so I hope I can give all the readers a little something.

Thanks for reading my blog.